Elizabeth Nykorowytsch Macnab - Executive Director

Phone: 416-785-8570 Ext.#222


Please contact Elizabeth if you have questions or inquiries regarding:

  • Administrative activities  - i.e. accounts payable or receivable
  • Provincial educational program development and partner relations
  • Community joint educational programs and initiatives
  • Information, referral, and counseling/mediated access
  • Membership relations and development
  • Volunteer Management


Althea Barclay - Communications and Programs Specialist

Phone: 416-785-8570 Ext.#223


Please contact Althea if you have questions or inquiries regarding:

  • Ontario's Premier Seniors Education Conference and Information Fair
  • Educational programs such as Tuesdays with OSSCO, computer training, elder abuse awareness, etc.
  • Provincial workshops and lecture programs 
  • Member and Community Organizational Outreach programs
  • Membership resource support and communications
  • Educational resources such as e-Newsletter, website, well being brochures

Project Staff

Mitra Mohamadzadeh – Educational Program Assistant: Workforce Newcomer Project

Phone: 416-785-8570 Ext.#224


Please contact Mitra if you have questions or inquiries regarding:

  • Educational Awareness workshops e.g. What's Your Why?, Civic Dialogue or Home Alone video series and conference programming  e.g. Celebrating 30 years of Helping Seniors.

  • Please dial "0" for information or help
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