Excerpt from June 2017 Outreach E-Newsletter 

The word senior is an adjective describing someone “of a more advanced age i.e. he is 20 years senior to X" or “holding a high and
authoritative position i.e. a senior official". Senior is also a noun “a person who is a specified number of years older than someone else.”

When I was a “senior” in high school, I looked forward to adulthood with its “senior” component. Grandmother Irena organized performances within the Ukrainian community into her late 70’s. At age 57, grandmother Tasia was working on her masters in French languages and drove her 1st car to California to reconnect with her sister separated by WWII –all undertaken without a cell phone or credit cards. Grandfather Sylvester was always winning some prize for his beloved rose collection.

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Excerpt from May 2017 Outreach E-Newsletter 

It was almost like a story out of Star Trek. An international space station is led by a female commander, boldly going where no one has gone before. Peggy Whitson is the 1st woman to command the international space station, and has spent the most hours in space of any human being. Most importantly, she is doing it at the age of 57 – a senior and unemployable in today’s job market terms. If a senior can “command” in space, then why is it so difficult on planet earth for adults 50+ to contribute to society through gainful employment?

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