Enhancing Economic Opportunities for Older Workers:  An educational program for adults aged 50-70 years

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Community Collaborations Available

OSSCO is seeking community collaborators in the GTA to share information about our educational program with their clients. We are looking for older adults who may be interested in gaining more knowledge and give them new insight. Should an agency have 20 or more interested adults for a specific workshop, that workshop may be delivered at the agency site. 

Contact Caron Leid, Educational Program Assistant by email: education2@ocsco.ca for collaboration opportunities and group presentations.

Educational Workshop Participation

These toolkits are offered free of charge to older workers who are unemployed between the ages of 50 – 70.  These programs are not intended to replace existing funded programs. Instead, they provide targeted additional learning opportunities for this age group. 

To register for one of the toolkits, contact Caron Leid, Educational Program Assistant by

To participate
, you must be:

  • Between the age of 50 – 70
  • Unemployed
  • Receiving E.I. benefits or have used up your E.I. benefits
  • Committed to participate in a 3 month program, with coaching and mentoring provided
  • Agreeable to complete an intake form
  • Willing to apply the knowledge you gain to help you improve your economic situation

There are no guarantees! We make no promises except….you will be better informed after you complete a toolkit workshop.

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Ontario Society of Senior Citizens Organizations
We know older adults and seniors. That’s all we do.
Ontario Trillium Foundation provided support for this educational program for older workers 50 - 70

Employment Engagement Opportunities  

Ontario Society of Senior Citizen Organization are looking for participants aged 50-70 to assist us in our Enhancing Economic Opportunties for Older Workers pilot project supported by Ontario Trillium Foundation. 

To Participate

  • You must be unemployed. 
  • You must be 50 – 70.
  • You must register and agree to participate for a 3-month period.
  • You will complete an intake form.

As this is a pilot project, we require 200 participants to fill the 4 streams identified.

  • seeking employment with an organization or
  • looking to see how your skills can transfer into a new career or
  • wanting to start a small business or
  • exploring the option for retirement with volunteer engagement

Space is limited

Contact Jamie Soo
Educational Program Assistant

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