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Enhancing Economic Opportunities for Older Workers: ENG Durham

Ontario Society of Senior Citizens Organizations (OSSCO) developed a toolkit that offers people 50+ as well as newcomers and immigrants who are unemployed, the best opportunities to find employment. Experience our Employment Networking Group (ENG) meetings which combines lessons in networking and using your meeting management skills. The concept of volunteering and its benefits are introduced as a part of establishing and maintaining Durham Region’s 1st volunteer-based ENG for 50+.

ENGs give you access to different employment search processes and employer perspectives. Initially OSSCO staff facilitate ENGs to develop meet-up management activities. These can be discussions on topics such as... "How do you organize your job search?", or "What has worked for you to get connected to a hiring manager?" or "What barriers do we need to overcome?" or applying information from knowledge experts.

ENG participants learn volunteer leadership to effectively sustain an ENG in Durham. They practice networking skills, “elevator speeches”, personal or job goals and strategize to overcome challenges. Plan to come to as many ENG meetings as you can. Click here for information. RSVP is recommended for ENG meeting.



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