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Author Kathleen Jones Discusses Her Novel "Love is the Punchline"

This month's Tuesdays with OSSCO  launches OSSCO’ own story telling and writing program with author Kathleen Jones sharing her journey to become a novelist. 

Kathleen Jones discusses her novel, Love is a Punch Line and shares her journey to become a published writer of romance novels. Kathleen, a late bloomer like the older characters Josh and Holly in her book, shares with us how she got started “late in life” as a novelist. Kathleen Jones will be available to sign her book after this workshop.

 In her talk, Kathleen highlights:

  • Why she waited until mid-life to pursue a career as a novelist
  • Preparations and challenges transitioning to this new career
  • Difficulties selling the novel to literary agents and book publishers, and, overcoming age bias against romance novels featuring older characters
  • Success! Selling the novel to a publisher, and discovering an online audience eager for midlife romance novels

Registration is required for this free workshop for 50+. Click here for information.

Call 416-785-8570 or email ocsco@ocsco.ca or Evenbrite https://bit.ly/2Hq5Ypi .  


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