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Tuesdays with OSSCO: Accessing Medical Cannibis

Medical marijuana known as cannabis is used by thousands of Ontarians – of all ages – for healthcare purposes .... for chronic pain management...for nausea in cancer treatment..migraines and more. This domesticated "weed" is now part of our healthcare system.

Join Michelle Davis from Tweed Inc. as she educates us on cannabis legislation, the uses of medical cannabis, safe and responsible use and accessing medical cannabis. 

Registration is required. Click here for more information. This workshop is of interest to and is free of charge for adults 50+.

Visit Tweed Inc.'s website to learn more about this global company. Website: tweedmainstreet.com


333 Wilson Avenue

Toronto, M3H 1T2


Starts: 2018-03-27 15:00:00
Ends: 2018-03-27 16:30:00

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