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What would you do if you lost your health?

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you lost your health? Internationally recognized speaker, Dr. Brian Fitzpatrick, will help you better understand the importance of health as it affects all aspects of our lives. In this workshop Dr. Brian will talk about what is called "The truth about health" with our Coffee and Conversation group. You will  learn more about:

  • Howto avoid life’s Top 3 Killers  
  • Learn how to preventdisease 
  • Discover how to buildhealth naturally

Click here for more information. Registration is required by telephone: 416-785-8570 or email ocsco@ocsco.ca or Eventbrite goo.gl/KMPyWF.

Dr. Brian's Bio:

Dr. Brian Fitzgerald was born and raised in Rossland, BC and graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in May, 2001. After spending a year in British Columbia working alongside his own long-time chiropractor, Dr. Fitzgerald moved to Toronto to set up practice in August, 2002. Since that time, he has been, and continues to be, dedicated to maximizing the health and human potential of his community.

Castlefield Chiropractic, A Centre for Maximized Living in Toronto, Ontario is one of the largest health care clinics of its kind in Canada. In Dr. Fitzgerald's seminars and care for patients, he teaches and implements the principles of Maximized Living which he has championed in his own life. Dr. Fitzgerald is an internationally recognized speaker, has traveled with Chiropractors Without Borders to impoverished areas, and now along with Maximized Living is official wellness provider for USA Wrestling, Weightlifting, Judo, Martial Arts, Sitting volleyball, and key partner with the Billion Soul Initiative to help people maximize their potential.

Through the practice, seminars, and outreach, it is Dr. Fitzgerald and his teams' mission to help as many people as possible achieve the optimum levels of physical, mental, and spiritual health. Dr. Brian (as his patients call him) is married to Janice Garner and they are the proud parents of Charlie.





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